Pitbull Waits Patiently for His Turned At Ice Cream

There is a reason why we think dogs are awesome, it is because they are awesome! If you have any doubts as to that fact, they are sure to be erased from your mind after you watch this video. It involves a pitbull, and although they may have gotten a bad rap in the past, this particular pitbull only has one thing on his mind, ice cream.

From the moment that the dog hears the ice cream truck turn the corner and start down his street, he could hardly contain his enthusiasm. Of course, I can relate to his excitement, because I remember running out of the ice cream truck quite a few times when I was a child and even a few times while I was an adult!

Although it is one thing to be excited about the ice cream truck, it is another thing to wait patiently until it is your turn. Most dogs would simply run up to the truck and expect their treat immediately but this adorable dog is one that simply sits back and wait his turn in line. Will he get his reward? Watch and see.

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