One Puppy Helping Another to Reach The Sofa

It is always good to have a helping hand, especially when the world around you is bigger than you would like it to be. That is obviously the experience of this little puppy, who wants to join his friend on the sofa but is not able to do so easily. You can almost see the desperation on his face as he tries again and again to get his back feet off of the floor but the sofa is just to large for him to reach it.

Finally, his friend has an idea of how to help. It’s rather amazing to watch and the troubleshooting that takes place is just amazing. After hopping down off the couch, he gives his little friend a leg up, or should be say a snout up. It is not only adorable, it teaches us a valuable lesson as well.

There is an old saying that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Obviously, these dogs have the will, and they have now found the way. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that dog’s aren’t smart.

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