Poor Little Husky Has A Bad Stair Day

I thought long and hard about posting this video today, but in the end, when I considered that the little dog was perfectly fine, and not hurt in any way shape or form, I felt it was fine to post it. The video features a gorgeous little husky puppy, which we know will already have the majority of us getting all soppy because these puppies are just to die for.

His mother or father have gone down the stairs and is standing patiently waiting for little one to master the stairs. The thing that always amazes me about parenting by dogs is that their style of parenting seems to be to just leave them to it. At first, our hero seems to be feeling brave and makes his way down the first couple of steps, but then cowardice strikes and he decides to go back up the stairs. This proves to be his undoing as when he tries to climb up that final step he loses his balance, must to his owner’s panic and tumbles down the whole set of stairs. As I said the dog was not hurt in any way, so in that respect it is funny, but always be aware of how easily your puppy can hurt itself on stairs.

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