For All The Mothers Out There, Fancy Septuplets?

As any mother will tell you being a mother is an exhausting job, that never really finishes, but is also the most rewarding thing you will ever do in your entire life. And in most cases we are talking to mothers who have one baby at a time, maybe the occasional parent of twins but generally, that’s as extreme as it gets. So you have to feel a certain amount of sympathy for this mother Husky who has a total of seven puppies to teach, feed and keep entertained. That, let me tell you is no small task to accomplish.

However if you watch the video below, this mummy certainly seems to have cracked it, and not only that, but she seems to be having more fun than the puppies. She seems to have invented her own game of follow the leader, although where she gets the energy from I will never know. But with a lot of jumping up and down off the sofa, numerous spins and a little running to and fro the young pups seem to be totally mesmerised by their mother. They even run in the same really cute way that she does. So for all you wonderful mothers out there this one is especially for you, enjoy.

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