Adorable Puppy Meets BB-8 and Destroys Him

We live in a world that seems to be obsessed with Star Wars. It all started about 30 years ago, but the Star Wars phenomena continues to be a big part of our lives today. In fact, any generation since the first movie was released is going to have their own favorite Star Wars, and today, it is The Force Awakens. Although the majority of people tend to enjoy watching the Star Wars movies, not everybody can be a Star Wars fan.

That is going to become somewhat obvious when you see this puppy who happens to meet BB-8 for the first time. Although most of us would welcome this type of a toy, obviously the puppy had other ideas. In fact, he destroyed the toy with extreme prejudice and it is perhaps one of the most unusual scenes that you could possibly imagine.

Some dogs play well with their toys and they tend to last for quite some time. Other dogs will make it a point to destroy anything that comes across their path, and unless you purchase one of the “indestructible toys” you really are just throwing your money away. I wonder which category this dog belongs in?

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