VIDEO: Dog Adopts A Baby Opossum And They Are Still Close, 2 Years Later

It is always wonderful when you see animals getting along, especially when they are of different species and it seems as if they make rather strange bedfellows. That was the case with this dog, who managed to adopt an opossum and the two of them have been getting along swimmingly ever since. Although most people would never expect two animals such as this to come together, it happened in a most precious way and they are absolutely inseparable.

Hantu is the German Shepherd who managed to come across poncho, who is the opossum. The poor opossum was found clinging to his mother’s side, as she had been killed by a passing automobile. Poncho seemed all alone, but that is where the dog really stepped up to the plate. He adopted poncho, taking the animal under his wing and caring for him as if he were his own.

At times, you may hear of a story like this and wonder whatever became of those two friends. You don’t need to wonder in this case, because the two of them are still getting along perfectly after two years have passed!

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