This Rescued Pit Bull Gets A Piece Of Pizza And His Reaction Has Everyone Laughing

It is always nice to see someone enjoying their food. That is not only true of people, it is true of dogs as well. If you are fortunate enough to own a dog, you likely recognize that they can be quite a “chow hound,” and many of them will do what it takes to make sure they get some human food when it is available. Most dog owners will indulge their dogs from time to time and some may even go overboard.

This pit bull was rescued and now, he is enjoying his forever home. His owners were enjoying some pizza and they decided that he should have some as well. When they gave him a small bite of the crust, he goes absolutely crazy with delight and begins running around the room. He even does it again when they give him a second piece.

Most dog owners recognize that table scraps are not the best choice for dogs. Then again, much of what we tend to eat is not the best choice for us either. The choice of whether to give scraps to a dog is up to the owner but an occasional indulgence shouldn’t cause any problems.

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