This Dog Gets So Excited About Seeing Her Human That She Actually Passes Out!

We have all seen videos about dogs being reunited with their humans. It can be quite touching, but there is sometimes a surprise involved. At times, the surprise may be quite easy to predict, such as someone in the military coming home and being greeted by their dog at the door. At other times, however, the surprise may be quite unexpected. This is sometimes seen when a dog recognizes a human after not seeing them for a number of years.

When Rebecca Svetina came home after being abroad for two years, she was about to be greeted in the most amazing way by her dog. That schnauzer, named Casey, was there to meet her and he goes absolutely wild when he sees her! After freaking out like this, she ends up passing out right there on the pavement.

Fortunately, the dog is perfectly fine as she was taken to the veterinarian and got a clear bill of health. It is just a matter of her being so excited seeing someone she had not seen in a long time that she was overcome and lost consciousness.

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