Soldier Saves a Puppy in Iraq Then Brings Him Home to California

It doesn’t take much for a puppy to win over the hearts of people. In fact, all it usually takes is a sideways glance and a wag of the tail and most of us are nothing more than a blob of jelly. That was apparently the case on an army base in Iraq. Although many of us might think of soldiers as being tough guys, this stray puppy seemed to warm their hearts and that was especially true of one individual soldier.

He was former Army specialist Ken Wyrsch, and he decided to take this mutt under his wing. He had already been named Ollie when he was showing up at the Army base, and now he was a special part of that soldier’s life. When the Army camp decided to disband and everything was shutting down, the soldier recognized he had to leave this precious dog behind but he was afraid it was too sweet to survive the harsh environment.

Rather than putting the situation out of his mind, he decided to do something about it. He discussed it with SPCA International, who helped to raise the funds necessary to bring this dog home to California.

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