Puppy Gets Happy Reunion with the Officer Who Saved Him

We often hear about reunions or see them in an online video, but they typically involve people. From time to time, however, you also get to see happy animal reunions as well, and this is a prime example. In fact, it shows you that animals are not only intelligent, they have the ability to remember the kindness of strangers for an extended amount of time.

The reunion took place at an animal shelter two months after the dog was rescued by a police officer. They were doing a drug bust at a motel room in California when this dog, named Bubba, was found. He tested positive for drugs, and they took him to the Orange County animal care. The police officer who saved him on that day was officer Laurich from the Tustin Police Department. It was his kind deed that stuck with the animal.

When you see the reunion clip, it is easy to tell that the dog clearly remembers this friendly police officer. Bubba is a very social animal as well and there are a number of rescue groups waiting to take him, after he has been released.

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