Proof That Puppies Bring Happiness Everywhere They Go

I don’t need to tell you this if you are visiting our site, as you must already be a dog lover. But dogs are simply wonderful and can bring so much joy and pleasure. Strange as it may seem some people have never experienced the joy that a dog can bring to your life, and it is always a pleasure to witness the joy that puppies can generate amongst people both young and old.

In this wonderful video, a couple of people decided to take a batch of adorable little puppies out to visit some people and record their reactions. They decided to visit a preschool, a gym and a retirement home, and the reactions were hilarious and inspiring at all three locations.
I can’t say that I was surprised after all in an old people’s home sitting around all day without any company must be a very boring experience. But add in the spark of fun and enjoyment that puppies naturally bring and it adds a whole new dynamic to the room. As for adding a load of puppies to a preschool class, well that has hilarity or madness written all over it. And well I won’t even tell you what happens at the gym. Watch the video below for an amazing way to start your day with a smile.

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