Man Finds Dog On The Street But Is Stunned To Find This When He Picks Her Up

For all of us dog lovers, this story is a hard one to read, at least at the start of the story. Eduardo Rodriguez saw a stray dog who was clearly starving on the streets of Granada, Spain. He approached the dog but when he got closer the truly poor state of the dog shocked even him. Eduardo is a regular dog rescuer but this poor animal was close to death. Emaciated and extremely thin,when Eduardo got him to the vets the outlook and prognosis were very bleak indeed. Barely able to stand, the expectations were that her organs could fail at any moment. She only weighed 16 pounds.

The vet, however, was prepared to try and save the dogs life and treatment immediately started. They built a special harness, which assisted her with walking and being able to support her own weight. This helped with the process of building up her muscles again from months of malnutrition. Slowly but surely over time, the dog defied all expectations and started her long journey on the road to recovery. Eduardo called the dog Barilla and now she has made a full recovery she is like a totally different dog. Understandably these two are now inseparable, and Barilla looks set to have the amazing future that she certainly deserves. Watch the video below for the full inspiring story. Be warned though some of the initial images are shockingly painful to watch.

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