Dog Reunited with Man after 2 Years

There are some people who claim that a dog doesn’t have a memory. They think that they are rather simple creatures, and they live from one moment to the next without being able to remember anything. Of course, I have seen my dog get rather excited when I come in from the mailbox but aside from that, I really think they are some of the most impressive and intelligent animals on the face of the earth. When you see this video, you are likely to agree.

This dog was stolen from his master and for two years, they lived apart from each other. Somehow or another, it is not explained, they are able to reunite after two years and it is rather remarkable. At first, you are not quite sure what is going to happen because the dog seems reluctant but once he sniffs the man’s hand, he absolutely explodes with excitement!

Videos, such as this one, can teach us a number of valuable lessons. Not only do they show us that dogs have the ability to remember long-term, they also show us that dogs share the ability to love with humans.

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