Couple Learns That Dogs Deserve Care, ‘In Sickness and in Health’

When you look at Edie Mayo and Troy Griffen, you might not think much about their situation but when you see what is going on under the radar, you realize they have a lot on their plate. For the past 16 years, they have raised a son together. It isn’t quite what you think, because their son, Max, is a 16 year old Sheltie dog. They consider him to be a part of the family and love what he has brought into their life.

Max has helped them throughout the years. In fact, he even warned Edie about an oncoming tornado when she lived near Lake Livingston. Unfortunately, Max has had his share of health problems lately. He is blind and has arthritis, so he has trouble walking. Through it all, this couple isn’t ready to turn their backs on their little friend.

When they discuss Max, they talk about how it is about dignity and respect. They want to treat him as they would a child and think everyone deserves that type of respect. We hope all goes well for this family as they move forward.

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