This Dog Loves His Massage In A Most Hilarious Way

Like many people, I enjoy getting a massage when the opportunity comes up. There is nothing quite like the feeling of having a massage, and there are many health benefits to it as well. It can help with circulation, relax our muscles when they are tense and relieve us of stress when times get tough. As you are about to see, people are not the only ones who enjoy a good massage, dogs are able to enjoy them as well.

In this video, a pup is on the floor and he has his head resting in his human’s lap. It seems to be the perfect position for many animals but then the human does something that sends him over the top. While his eyes are closed and it looks like he is ready for a nap, suddenly he gets a massage and he absolutely loves it.

Although most of us are somewhat familiar with massage, we may not know that there are several different types of massage to choose from. Some of us have enjoyed the traditional massage, which may include oil and hot rocks but you should give thai massage a try sometime as well.

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