Watch This Baby And Husky Imitate Each Other

They sometimes say that imitation is the highest form of flattery and it looks like this baby and dog are flattering each other. In fact, it is so cute, you might just not be able to handle it. As they sit together on the floor, they seem to be speaking to each other but the dog is also talking to the mother. I’m not exactly sure what they are saying, but it seems to be something rather adorable.

We certainly do love babies and to sit and watch them for any amount of time will let you know that they do have a language of their own. Sometimes, we are able to decipher what they are saying at at other times, it is a complete mystery. I think this little baby is saying something wonderful, but it’s not able to be translated.

The dog, on the other hand, is also doing some talking of his own. Not only does he seem to be imitating the baby directly, he also seems to be doing some talking to the mother. I’m not sure what the dog is saying but it almost sounds like “Mom, make the baby stop!” LOL

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