This Dog Goes Down The Stairs in The Most Unique Way, Sliding On His Belly!

When we have a puppy in the house, there is no doubt that they can make a wonderful difference in our lives. It seems as if we smile from one moment to the next and as they are discovering something new, it is as if we are discovering it right along with them. Obviously, that was the feeling of this family when their dog learned how to go down the stairs in a most unusual way.

Some dogs are frightened of the stairs, as it is something outside of their natural habitat. They may try to go down the stairs by walking backwards or perhaps they just give up altogether and want you to carry them. This dog, on the other hand, embraces the experience and does something epic as a result.

Rather than being nervous about going down the stairs, this dog thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread. He plops down at the top stair on his belly and proceeds to slide right down the stairs, one after the other. He certainly does make short order of the process and leaves us smiling from ear to ear.

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