This Dog Fetches the Mail, or At Least What’s Left of it

The relationship between dogs and the USPS has been a rather interesting one over the years. In fact, it doesn’t matter who is stopping by the house, regardless of whether it is the FedEx man, the mailman or even the paperboy, it seems as if the dog takes it as a personal affront. That is something you will see clearly in this video.

This little dog looks calm enough, and he just sits by the front door and waits for the mailman to arrive. When the mail comes through the slot, the dog instantly springs into action, grabbing the mail and doing the unthinkable to it! I would imagine they have to look for other ways to have mail delivered, especially if it is something important.

It is thought that dogs act aggressively when the mailman arrives because they are conditioned to do so. A dog will bark when someone arrives on their territory and they feel as if they accomplish something when they get the person to leave. The mailman comes and goes on a daily basis, so the dog gets conditioned to think that he is truly accomplishing something for the family.

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