These 2 Huskies Are Doing Their Best To Interfere With Mums Exercise Routine

Many of us try our best to stay in shape, and that might include doing some exercise at home. We might follow along with an online class or perhaps we may make up our own but for a time, we are fully dedicated to the program. Of course, there are many things that could interfere with our workout routine when it is happening at home. Sometimes, those distractions may even take on a surprising form.

For the young mother in this video, she is trying her best to keep up with the exercises but she has 2 others in the household who have other ideas. They are her huskies, and when she is trying to workout, they are doing everything in their power to make her stop. For those of us who have a dog, it is a scene we can easily recognize.

When our dogs act up in this way, we have 2 different choices. We can get frustrated and try to work through it, or we can stop exercising and give our pups some love. Doing the latter will go a long way in making for a happy household.

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