The Father Wants To Know Who Ate His Shoe But Both Dogs Refuse To Own Up To The Crime

There are some people who are naturally able to get beyond sticky situations. Perhaps it’s the fact that they learned at a young age never to wear their heart out on their sleeve but regardless, it is difficult to pin them down to a crime, even if they have committed it. That is not always the case with dogs, however, because many of them will look guilty, even if they didn’t commit the crime! When you see these two dogs together, you will have to admit that both of them look as if they committed the infraction.

Apparently, one of the dogs ate a shoe belonging to the owner, and he was none too happy about it. Both of his dog sat on the floor in front of him, including a dachshund and a pit bull. When you look into their eyes, it can be difficult to tell which one actually chewed up his shoe. He held up the insole, and finally it was too much for the guilty party to take.

The dachshund continued to stand his ground, sitting there and looking a little bit sad. The pit bull, on the other hand, immediately scooted to the back and even tried to hide behind a potted plant! I wonder which dog did it?

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