She Talks To Her Dog But You Won’t Believe The Dog’s Response

People absolutely adore their dogs, going to extreme measures to show their love and affection for their furry friends. Some people dress them up with special clothes, feed them special diets, that might even cost more than they spend on themselves and nearly every dog owner i know talks constantly to their dogs, expressing their love and affection to the dog. Some people will swear blind that the dog can understand every word they are saying, but who actually and honestly knows.

But perhaps this video is the example that all those dog owners will use to demonstrate that dogs do understand, and if you spend enough time with them they can actually learn to speak back to you. The dog in this video is certainly a pampered pooch, wearing one of those special little sweaters, and you only need to watch the video for a few seconds to see just what an amazing bond dog and it’s owner already have. The owner tells the dog that she loves him, and the response is almost unbelievable, in fact, I would go so far as to say, if it had not been captured on camera, nobody would have believed that it ever happened. Watch this amazing video and wait for your heart to melt.

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