Puppy Gets Bullied By A Cat But He Uses Some Quick Thinking To Turn The Tables For Sweet Revenge

If you are a household that happens to have both a dog and a cat included, you recognise that there are sometimes when sibling rivalry will take place. Unfortunately, dogs are often bullied by cats and this can be seen in a number of ways, including the cat taking the dog bed or feeding at the dog dish and not letting them eat. It is quite funny to see it happen, especially when the odds seem to be stacked in the dog’s favour.

The little puppy in this video was reportedly bullied by the family cat. He waited until the opportune moment, however, before he decided to get a little bit of sweet revenge. As he was running around with his canine friend, he saw an opportunity as the cat was partway in the box. What he did next is absolutely amazing, and it’s a wonder that he was able to think it out that clearly.

This is one of those moments that any cat and dog owner is going to treasure. It shows the rivalry between the two animals, but I’m sure that they were curled up next to each other just a few moments later.

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