Nervous Pitbull Tiptoes Past Sleeping Pills Cat

At some point in our lives are another, we have all been nervous about disturbing somebody who was resting. When we were children, it may have been our father who was taking a nap or perhaps we were up early in the morning, and didn’t want to disturb our mother. In either case, we did what was necessary to ensure that we were quiet as a field mouse. It seems as if humans are not the only ones who have that tendency.

I’d like you to meet Redd, a five-year-old pitbull. He lives in a foster home for animals and it seems as if he is rather nervous about waking up someone in the household. It isn’t his mother but rather, it is the house cat who also lives in the home. Rather than simply running down the hall, he decides to quietly tiptoe past, just to ensure that the cat doesn’t wake up.

This video just shows that all animals have a unique personality. Some animals just would’ve run down the hall and not given it a second thought but obviously, this dog has a brain and some heart.

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