Honey, The Family Dog, Sits Quietly In The Car But When Her Favorite Song Comes On She Howls

Many of us know what it’s like when our favorite song comes on the radio. We could be in the worst mood ever but when it starts playing, it just seems to pick us up and carry us away. If we happen to be in the car by ourselves, it is likely that we are going to sing along with it and we don’t even care what people in other cars might be thinking! As you are about to see, this is not only something that humans do, even dogs can do it as well.

I’d like to introduce you to Honey, a family dog that has a unique talent. When the Michael Jackson song comes on the radio, Will You Be There, he can’t help but try to sing along with it. He tilts his head back and leaves out a tremendous howl!

This video has really put a lot of smiles on people’s faces. It doesn’t matter if you love dogs or not (although I don’t know who would not love a dog), you are going to enjoy what this video has to offer.

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