Guilty Dog Gets Caught in the Act

What do you do when you are caught with your hands in the cookie jar, so to speak? For some people, they begin to talk loudly and deny ever having done it, even though it is obvious that they did. For others, however, it is a matter of sneaking quietly away, hoping that you are able to do as much damage control as possible by just not saying anything.

It seems as if humans are not the only ones who have this type of difficulty, this Labrador has it as well. Her name is Ettore, and since this video hit the Internet, she has been melting hearts across the globe and the video has gone absolutely viral. After getting caught chewing a hole in the sofa, she instantly started begging for forgiveness and she does it in such a perfect way, I think anybody would simply throw up their hands and forgive her instantly.

Of course, chewing on the couch is a pretty big deal so when the first tactic didn’t work, she quickly changed tactics and started in with the nuzzling. From that point, you simply have to see what she does to believe it, but less to say it is the most epic apology of all time.

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