Gorgeous Samoyed Puppy Enjoys His First Visit To The Beach

There is something about the sea and visiting the beach that grabs hold of us and makes us want to regularly visit. For me the weather is immaterial, I am just as enthralled walking along when it is raining and the huge white waves are crashing off the rocks, as in the middle of summer when it’s time for an ice cream in the blistering heat.

Man, woman, boy or girl everyone loves to visit the beach, and that also applies to our furry friends. They love the freedom, the ability to be able to run around, dig in the sand and depending on the dog splash or run into the sea. Now the delightful little puppy Samoyed in this next video has an absolutely gorgeous white coat, so I can certainly understand his reluctance to go into the water. But other than that he is having an absolute blast on his first visit to the beach. He seems to love digging holes in the sand, chasing those scary waves as they come to get him or just generally relaxing and having a fun time. Watch this beautiful dog enjoy his first trip to the beach, but be warned you might fancy a trip to the coast, a Samoyed puppy or both‎.

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