German Shepherd Begs for Second Meal Right after Eating

If you have ever had a dog in your home before, you recognize that they can be quite difficult when it comes to begging for food. In fact, there is a term “chow hound” that seems to be rather appropriate to this type of situation. You may be able to teach a dog not to beg, but that doesn’t mean they are not going to be looking for food when the opportunity presents itself. At times, it can even result in a rather amusing situation.

The German Shepherd in this video is rather interested in having a second serving of food, and he is not afraid to tell his human that he wants more. I’m not sure if he is dealing with a case of amnesia or if he just loves food that much, but he is coming back immediately after finishing his first serving.

We don’t know why this German Shepherd feels as if he needs a second lunch but the fact that he is not afraid to tell his master is rather amusing. More than likely, you have seen similar with your own dog and at times, it can be quite difficult to resist.

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