Dog Reacts To His Own Reflection In A Mirror

There are times in life that can be rather shocking, but they can also be humorous as well. At times, we may be surprised by an unexpected turn of events and even if it is a small surprise, it can still take us back considerably. Have you ever had the experience of walking in somewhere with the mirror and suddenly, you feel as if you are not alone? When you first see the reflection, it can really startle you and make you feel as if someone else is in the room.

Apparently, that is the experience that this dog had when his owner put a mirror up. When the dog looked in the mirror, he was amazed to see another dog looking back at him and it didn’t seem like he was too happy with it. In fact, I don’t think this dog found anything humorous about seeing another dog in “his house.”

When we have a puppy in the house, it can be rather interesting to see them exploring the world around them and learning new things. Apparently, this dog does not care much for his own reflection, so it is a lesson learned.

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