Cute Little Boxer Loves His Pool Noodle

There are many things to love about summer, and it is a favorite season for many of us. Not only is the weather warmer and the days longer, we get the chance to spend time with our family and friends at a picnic or perhaps a backyard barbecue. Something else that many of us appreciate about summer is the ability to get out and go for a swim.

For some families, swimming means making a trip to the municipal pool but for others, it is a matter of just walking out into their back yard and taking a dip in their own pool. It looks like this family has a pool of their own and it gives them the opportunity to enjoy time with every member of the family, including the dog.

Although most of us know at least one dog that loves the water, it seems as if this adorable boxer puppy had quite a unique talent. Not only does he jump into the pool ready for a swim, he knows exactly what to do to enjoy his time in the water to the full. He heads straight for the pool noodle, and it is quit funny to watch.

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