Cute Dog Looks So Guilty After Emptying The Trash

As any dog owner and they will tell you, there is nothing quite like watching the personality of an animal develop as they get older. Of course, even as a little puppy, dogs will show a sense of individuality but they often take on the personality of the family as well. For example, some dogs will become calm if they live in a calm home but others may become neurotic when they live with a neurotic parent.

Sometimes, the personality of a dog will also show through in the most adorable way. This video is a great example, because it shows a dog that just got caught digging in the trash. It’s obvious that the dog is guilty and he knows he is busted. In fact, he can hardly look his owner in the eye when she is scolding him.

As he is being scolded, suddenly you see his body start to move. He is feeling so guilty over what he has done that he is trying to ease his way out of the picture! Although it may not stop him from getting in the trash again, it certainly does make us smile.

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